Jamwai Mata Temple Jaipur

Jamwai Mata Temple Jaipur :- 

There are a lot of local temples that populate the landscape of Jaipur and around. Jamwai Mata Temple is an old one that houses the local Goddess of the Kachhwaha Dynasty in Rajasthan. Temple, located at the down streams of Ramgarh Lake,  is the oldest goddess shrine of the Jaipur Royal Family. The temple’s foundation was laid by the Kachhwaha ruler Raja Dulherai who was also responsible for the establishment of Kachhwaha rule in Rajputana. The local legends say that Raja Raja Dulherai conquered this area as he was encouraged by the spiritual power of Jamwai Mataji (the Goddess). For the Kachhwahas, this is a revered shrine and for tourists it is one of the temples that offer an insight into local culture and history.

It is much accepted view that Rao Dulheraoji had a dream about Jamway Mata who directed him to conquer the area and when he won the war with local Meena Landlord he renamed the town ‘Maanch’ as Jamwa Ramgarh. This is a devotional shrine for the whole of the kachwaha rajputs.
The geographical location of Jamwai Mata temple is around 30 Km in the North-East direction of Jaipur. The place is popularly known as Jamwa Ramgarh. It is a big tourist attraction due to Jamwai Mata Temple , Ramgarh lake and wild life sanctuary. The holy shrine of Jamwai Mata Ji is open for all her believers throughout the year. There is a special pooja which is conducted during the Navratri season by fasting and chanting bhajans in praise of Mata Ji. The locals are very helpful and add to it the temple surroundings are still not much commercialized, hence it is a popular spiritual excursion site for Jaipurites.

Although there is not much of a guidance needed to find the temple, still if you are stuck get help from the locals they are really helpful. The temple is not much surrounded by commercial activities till now which makes it a good a spiritual excursion to the visitors.

Best Time To Visit :-

The temple is open throughout the year for its visitors. You can plan your visit any time of the year, though its beauty is in full swing during the Navratri(Oct-Nov) season when special “Pooja” is conducted.


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