Jaisalmer Tour Guide Rajasthan

Jaisalmer An exotic location amidst the desert of nature, Jaisalmer attracts the tourists from across the globe. Synonymous with the Jaisalmer Golden Fort, Jaisalmer is one of the major attractions in Rajasthan. Tourists head towards Jaisalmer for its Sam sand dunes and the heritage monuments. The Jaisalmer city was founded by Rawal Jaisal in 1156 AD.

The sheer magical beauty of Jaisalmer is a feast to the eyes. Jaisalmer Fort is the major landmark of the city seems to move upward of a desert haze. While touring Jaisalmer one must explore the following attractions:

Jaisalmer Fort

Indeed the major attraction of the city, Jaisalmer Fort stands about 100 meters over the city. The palaces and temples located inside the fort are impressive monuments of the past. A market place namely Manek Chowk is located outside the fort. This is the only fort in Rajasthan where common people live now. The yellow sandstone architecture of the fort mesmerizes a tourist. The Jain temples located inside the fort are beautifully built by the rulers.



It is a beautiful Haveli known for its intricate latticed havelis with facades. It is a five-storey building.

Salim Singh Ki-Haveli

Once a residence of the Mohta clan, ministers of Jaisalmer rulers, Salim Singh Ki-Haveli is attractive for its blue cupola roof.


One must visit this Haveli to explore its intricate stone carvings. It looks spectacular to the eyes of the visitor.

Tazia Tower

Tazia Tower attracts the attention of the traveler rising from Badal Mahal (Palace of Clouds).It is a five-tiered tower with magnificently carved balcony.

Gadsisar Lake

It is an oasis in desert. A rainwater lake, Gadsisar is a famous picnic spot. One will be thrilled to enjoy a boat ride on the lake.

Lodurva Jain temples

Erstwhile the capital of Rawal Jaisal, Lodurva is a destination on the outskirts of Jaisalmer. Housing the remnants of the ancient township, Lodurva attracts the travelers. The major attractions are Jain temples built in a unique style of architecture. It is said that the architecture of the temples have similarity with the Ranakpur Jain temples.

Jaisalmer Tour Packages

Jaisalmer tour is incomplete without a visit to Sam village. One must visit the sand dunes villages located near Jaisalmer city. The sand dunes of Sam village are a feast to the eyes. Camel ride on the sand dunes is unforgettable. The sunset beauty at Sam sand dunes is incomparable. Spending a night at Sand dunes one can have the charm of desert life. Swiss camel tents are arranged for the tourists.

If you plan a short trip to Jaisalmer, you can explore the city in two days. Don’t forget to visit the Desert National Park which is home to desert wildlife. Also explore the Desert Cultural Centre to explore the artifacts of desert life. You can also embark on a camel safari tour through the caravan roads. You can stay at a heritage hotel of Jaisalmer. There are a few hotels in the city which offer good accommodation, fine dining and other various services.