India’s most-photographed tigress ‘Machli’ has died in Ranthambore National Park

Machhli, world’s most photographed tigress, is dead. Known as the queen of Ranthambore National Park, Machhli passed away on Thursday morning after being sick for almost a week.


its a setback for several wildlife lovers not only in India but also across the world, The tigress was 20 years old and was known by many names including the lady of the lakes and a crocodile killer. her fight with the crocodile was highlighted a lot on media and photographs were highly acclaimed worldwide.


“Her most famous and remembered wildlife encounter is the one where she not only fought but also killed a 14 foot long crocodile, she is a legend and will remain undisputed queen of Ranthambore even if she is no more. Inspite of being in her prime even in this season she was most sought after as a lot of tourists feel that unless they have seen Machli their journey to Ranthambore remains incomplete,” said a park guide adding that almost half of the tigers from Ranthambore belong to her lineage.


In fact her fame is such that she has a postage stamp, several short films-documentaries on her name and even has several Facebook pages dedicated to her.

Machli had lost all her canines during her fight with crocodile. She had given up eating five or six days prior to her death.


Photographers across the world took immense pride in clicking photos of Machhli. A lot of them even shared her beautiful photos on social media. the world’s oldest tigress who turned 20, and who is often referred to as the Queen of the jungle is no more in ranthambore national park.

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