Holi festival 2016 ( Wednesday, March 23 )

Holi is a festival of colors, emotions, and happiness, celebrated primarily in India but now a days its celebrated in many parts of the world. The festival falls on the last full moon day of Falgun according to Hindu calendar. All age groups equally enjoys the festival and in villages dhamal ( local songs ) can be heard and the participants sings with full zeal and enthusiasm. Color powder and water is used to play now these things are replaced by herbal colors as the chemical colors cause various skin disease as well as can harm the eyes.
Festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil and a celebration of the arrival of spring and harvests to come.
One of the most important festivals in Rajasthan, Gangaur is celebrated to honor the goddess Gauri, a manifestation of Parvati (Lord Shiva’s wife) who represents purity and austerity. This festival is predominantly for women.

Holi in Rajasthan

The colourful state of Rajasthan plays Holi much the same way as Mathura. A night before the full moon, crowds of people gather together and light huge bonfires to burn the residual dried leaves and twigs of the winter. People throw coloured water and powders (gulal and kumkum) at each other and make merry. Singing, dancing and the traditional beats of dhol add to the gaiety of the occasion

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