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Jaisalmer may look like a huge pile of rock and sand from the outset, but when you get closer, you will realize what you see on the outer is no match for the beauty and splendor of the city inside and the friendly nature of the people over here. Situated in the western part of the Indian State of Rajasthan, the whole town is a gateway to the huge desert land; the Thar Desert. You will get an insight about the interesting and fascinating facts about Jaisalmer once you finish reading this article.

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The whole town glitters in gold! Well not literally, it refers to the golden yellow texture that attributes the entire town. It is very exhausting if you happen to tour this place during the summer, because temperatures will go up to 42 degrees Celsius. So the best time to visit Jaisalmer would be from October to March, when the winter starts. Being a remote town, Jaisalmer doesn’t have an airport, a not so encouraging fact about Jaisalmer. But wait! The nearest airport is at Jodhpur. But it is advisable for you to use the Palace on Wheels train services which offers you good luxury and a pleasant journey.

If you are looking out for entertainment in Jaisalmer, there are a lot of options at your disposal. The traditional culture awaits you with pomp and vigor. Then there is the Jaisalmer Fort to have a look at and also many other palaces to look out for. Another interesting aspect about Jaisalmer is about the folk music and dance shows with puppetry which is a regular in this part of the State. The people are so adept at puppetry that makes you glued to your seats while they perform. Nice isn’t it?

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Your trip to Jaisalmer would be incomplete if you don’t venture out to the shopping malls spread across the town selling rare wooden carvings and handicrafts. The place is also famous for the embroidery words and some exquisite blankets too. Accommodation is not a problem as there are good star hotels catering to the needs of different types of tourists. The hotels stand as magnificent structures themselves as most of the hotels are built by the Kings of those times. The buildings will make you ponder upon the architectural mastery that prevailed in those times! These simple facts about Jaisalmer would be good enough to make a visit to the town at least once in your lifetime

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