Enjoy the Rajasthan Fair Festival With Elephant Entertenment

Fairs and festivals are an integral part of the colorful culture of Rajasthan. A variety of fairs and festivals are celebrated in this state throughout the year. The Elephant Festival is among the most popular festivals of Jaipur Rajasthan which is celebrated with great enthusiasm. It would be great fun if you visit this mesmerizing destination during this festival. Popularly known as Rajasthan, it is celebrated in honor of Lord Shiva. The term Pooram signifies a group or a meeting. It draws tourists from far and wide. It is a religious belief that on this day the heavenly deities meet each other. This auspicious festival is one of the most famous temple festivals of India.


This is another popular festival of Jaipur celebrated in the month of March. The grand celebration of this festival attracts scores of tourists from several parts of the world. In this festival elephant are dressed in colorful attire and decorated with gold and silvers ornaments. The colorful parade of elephants steals the heart of visitors who come here from several parts of the globe. During the festival, the elephants are taken out in procession, run races and play polo. The center stage of this celebration is Chaugan, the old stadium at Jaipur.


This particular festival is generally celebrated in the month of March or April in the splendid city of Jaipur. The Rajasthan business enterprise organizes the wonderful elephant festival. As the name itself signifies that the elephants are one of the prominent attractions of the festival where they are adorned with the heavy jewelry items and the bright dazzling colors. The elephants are made to several exciting activities such as the elephant polo, elephant race, elephant parade and elephant beauty contest. As the great festival coincides with the Holi, the tourists can get a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the festival of colors by hopping onto the back of the elephants.

The festival is celebrated for 7 days in the month of March/April 2016. Tourists from far and wide come here in huge number to enjoy this festival. So go on the Rajasthan Elephant Festival Tour and enjoy the beauty and culture of this God’s Own Country.