Best Customized Temples Tour Packages In Rajasthan

Temples are amongst the famous attractions in Rajasthan. These magnificent temples are mostly influenced with the architecture style of 8th century. Great symbol of religious faith and belief and source of ultimate harmony of the state; you shall be more than amazed at visiting some of the temples. Here are few shrines that you must visit in Rajasthan:

Monkey Temple: A Temple with a Difference– Situated about 10kms from Jaipur in Khania Balaji town, the Monkey Temple is also known as Galtaji Temple. temple-tour-rajasthanA temple complex would be a better word to describe it as the other name as Monkey Temple can only be justified then. Amongst the many sacred shrines inside the temple structure you shall be more interested in going to Ramgopalji Temple where large groups of monkeys reside. Try not to carry any bags in your hand when you visit the Monkey temple, the notorious tribe of apes present here can be uninvited guests

Dalhanpur Temple Ruins: Walk through the Royal Ruins- We know that history does intrigue you and that is why you are on Rajasthan tour. Just when you decide to visit those magnificent forts that blind you with their superlative architecture, you might consider visiting Dalhanpur Temple Ruins in Jhalawar district. It will be all together a new experience for you to visit this beautiful place that sprawls in the 2 sq km on the bank of the river Chappi (54kms from Jhalawar City). Carved Pillars, Sculptures and Torans are what will catch your eyes here.

Govind Dev Ji Temple: Worship the Prince of Vrindavan in Rajasthan– Situated in the famed City Palace is one place that you must visit in Jaipur.Govind-Dev-Ji-Temple The temple is located between Chandra Mahal and Badal Mahal and is known for its gorgeous Radha Krishna deity. It is believed that after getting instructions in dreams from Govind Dev Ji (Lord Krishna), Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II got the idol from Vrinadavan to become the central deity in the City Palace complex. The gorgeous deity is not only impeccably beautiful but also demonstrates the strong faith of Rajasthan. Visit this pious shrine and be blessed.

Moti Dungari Temple: Seek Blessings of the Lord Ganesha- Influenced with the Scottish castle architecture,Moti-Dungri-Ganesh-Temple Moti Dungari Temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and is highly revered. This 18th century temple sprawls in 2kms of area and is situated in the palace of Rajmata Gayatri Devi. The architecture of the temple and the central deity of Lord Ganesha is what you should look out for here.

Attraction in and around Galtaji Temple-   The Galtaji temple in Jaipur is one such temple that attracts a lot of tourists. Located in the midst of beautiful surroundings and the temple boast a splendid architecture.  There are many attractions in Jaipur. Among them, the temples of Jaipur have got a distinct appeal to the tourists. These temples with their magnificent architecture and spiritual importance draw both devotees as well as regular tourists. There are a number of temples spread across different parts of Jaipur.

Attractions of Birla Temple- Built by Birlas, this temple is one of the major Jaipur Tourist attractions. birla-mandir-jaipurThough the construction of the temple started in 1985, it is not yet completed yet. The construction is still being carried with significant additions made from time to time. These additions make the temple look even more beautiful and continue to draw tourists, even the ones who have visited the temple previously. Compared to other temples of Jaipur, this temple is quiet young but that does not take away its appeal to the tourists. Built in a place that is surrounded by verdant trees, the temple made of white marble is a great sight for the visitors. The magnificent white marble used in the construction of the temple is responsible to a great extent for imparting such a beautiful look to the temple. It truly fascinates the visitors.