Activities To Do In Rajasthan During Rajasthan Tour

Rajasthan is a treat to the senses. The royal state not only pleases its guests with their absolute breathtaking forts and palaces, lakes & gardens. Also there are amazing options of adventures. The land of brave warriors has recreated their era of the valor and courage with adventure activities.

Rural Stay In Rajasthan –
A majority of population in Rajasthan reside in villages. The rural vistas have a lot to offer to the visitors. Being the origin of the famous folk arts and crafts of the state, the rural settings are home to the most warm-hearted people and peaceful surrounding. Away from the hustle bustle of cities, rural life is the best way to re-energize you amongst people that derive their energy from their own close knit and very generous society. The peaceful surroundings not only present a view of the very different lifestyle but also offer the most sumptuous cuisine along with some dazzling attires and numerous celebrations. Staying with the villagers in their mud houses and spending a day or two with them will bring you across a way of life so peaceful and content that you may never want to leave.

Hot Air Balloon in Rajasthan –
The joy of being aloft In the wind and the thrill of defying the elements is what parasailing and ballooning are all about. Unlike other aero sports, in these, once off the ground, the sportsman is on his own. . Ballooning on the other hand permits the balloonist to soar high in the sky and drift over the picturesque terrain. Parasailing and ballooning are annual events held in Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Pushkar and attract a large number of tourists and adventure seekers. The Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation has set up an Adventure Cell in Jaipur where you can obtain assistance and information about different outlets for adventure in Rajasthan and our company organising all activities with experienced persons in different adventure activities so you are always in safe hands.

Cookery classes –
Its is about typical home-style Indian cooking where you can choose to Participate in the cooking or merely watch and learn. You have chance to visit local market and buy your choice of food and get it cook by yourself. Taste of Jaipur Cooking tour will take Gastronomy Classes with local Noble family house and their Chef. Full day engaged in Cooking activities will take you on a unforgettable occurrence Which will not only enable you to take back the memories and pictures of your tour destinations but you can also take back the various cuisine recipe of this land of spices. An introduction to the wonders and masteries of Rajasthani food ; combination of ingredients such of spices , pluses, Grains and oils and age-old wisdom and secretes aroma and flavors. You will get to know food habits of locals and adoption of varied tastes of desert food will only possible through this day experience.

Tour Packages – 

Rajasthan Tour Packages for a Wonderful Vacation Rajasthan feels proud of the unending beauty, historical places, fantastic architecture and the attractive shopping centers that it offers to the visitors. he variety of attractions in the Town makes it a dream destination for tourists. Just as you will find places with historical importance in Rajasthan, there are also places in Rajasthan that boasts a lot of natural beauty. However, the best way to ensure a hassle free and great tour is to get it from a tour operator which has a high level of expertise and experience in this sector. We are a leading tour operator company. Visit our website and book customize tour packages as per your demand. We never compromise in our service. Here are some our Best tour packages for Rajasthan.  Choose them any and explore the rich culture of Rajasthan with us.

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