5 Indian hill stations you must visit during the monsoons

These Indian hill stations are beautiful during the monsoons. Let this list help you plan the perfect monsoon vacation.


The common perception suggests that travelling to the hills is a bad idea during the monsoons. Agreed. We all know that the slippery roads and the landslides make them inaccessible. So, what does a mountain lover do in these times?

Well, not every hill station in this country is inaccessible during the monsoons. Instead, there are many places that become even better during this season. The rains simply bring out the best in them. Knowing this for a fact, here’s a list of hill stations in India where you can travel to this monsoon. Madhya Pradesh and Kerala among the big winners at the National Tourism Awards .

Wayanad Kerala



When somebody talks about the most picture-perfect monsoon destinations in India, Wayanad has to be on the top. The slopes of this destination in Kerala are carpeted by a layer of greenery that is so fresh that any nature lover would find it impossible to take her eyes off the view. While the tea gardens look gorgeous, trekking up to the Chembra Peak can promise you with stunning panoramic views of the place. And if you are in the mood for a sea beach visit, you can drive to Kozhikode, which is just 76 km away.

Mahabaleshwar Maharashtra



Located in the Satara district of Maharashtra, Mahabaleshwar is any Mumbaikar’s favourite weekend getaway. After all, the place is home to the best of what the Sahyadri mountain range has to offer. Although the regular tourists avoid this place during the monsoons due to torrential rainfall, but it’s also the best time to enjoy the charms of its unparalleled natural beauty. The waterfalls are fully alive, the slopes are filled with a thick vegetation of numerous floral species, and the air is filled with the sound of soothing bird calls.

Ladakh Jammu and Kashmir



When the discussion is about the best Indian destinations to visit during the months of August and September, it’s a sin to miss out on Ladakh. A favourite among bikers, adventurers and tourists in general, this cold desert with its moon-like landscapes, towering peaks, snow-laden mountain passes, peaceful monasteries and beautiful lakes, can never fail to disappoint a person who likes to travel and explore. The month of September is even more suitable for a trip to this place, mainly because the roads are in better condition as compared to the other seasons, and the famous Ladakh Festival is also held during this time.

Agumbe Karnataka



Home of verdant valleys and numerous waterfalls, Agumbe in Karnataka is one of the best monsoon trekking destinations in the country. Trekkers love the place because of its verdant charms and amazing views of the Arabian Sea from some of the high points on the trail.
Blending beautifully with the natural beauty of the place are the heritage spots of this place which are there in the form of ruins of ancient temples dating back to the Hoysala Empire. Besides all this, Agumbe can also trigger nostalgia for many as it once served as a setting for the famous TV adaption of the book Malgudi Days.

Pahalgam Jammu and Kashmir



Anyone who has ever wanted to visit Jammu and Kashmir, must have heard about this place. Pahalgam is one of the most popular destinations in the state and is visited by travellers from all parts of the world every year. Situated at the confluence of streams flowing from Sheshnag Lake and the Lidder river, it is a place with some of the most stunning views you can get. Quiet surroundings and a pleasant weather make Pahalgam an ideal vacation spot during the monsoons.